The moment when totality hit North Carolina


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I shot this at Wayah Bald near Franklin North Carolina. A bit off-center to path of totality but still a perfect place with 360 degree view from the tower, overlooking Nantahala National Forest due south and Great Smoky Mountains National Park to the north.

My anticipation grew every hour the sun climbed skyward. The clouds engulfed the mountains in the early hours when the moon began to eclipse the sun. From my heart, I knew the clouds would get cleared off and it did when we approached totality. It was twilight for a brief moment. Moon’s shadow swept across the labyrinths of the Cherokee forest, as the sky lit a vibrant ochre far beyond the horizon. For a brief moment, birds began to sing a different tune. For a brief moment, there was nothing but awesomeness. For a brief moment, I forgot myself and got immersed in the creativity of nature. Nature is more creative than we could ever imagine.