The Ocean of Stars


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Growing up closer to the sea, I’ve known that seas and oceans can be ridiculously cruel sometimes. They are beautiful yet dangerous. One step closer to the edge, you know they are calling you. The next thing you know, the sea wants to drag you in. That was the Arabian Sea. I was afraid, yet enjoyed endless hours at the shore when I was young. Nostalgia hit me when I visited Georgia’s shoreline facing the Atlantic Ocean. I spent many nights at the beach photographing the milky way. At one side, the rolling waves reminded me of how unforgiving the oceans can be and on the other side, the stars reminded me how short life is. What could be more scarier than this? But yet, the infinite expanse of water and the vast universe with a trillion stars, all bright and vibrant did apprise me of the endless possibilities in a heartbeat. There’s always hope. And stars. And oceans and stars.

This is a panorama of 5 vertical images shot with Nikon D810 15s at f2.8, ISO 8000. Images were processed and stitched manually in Adobe Photoshop CS6. Tonal contrast adjusted in Nik Color Efex Pro 4.