Wonders of the heavens


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As the sun hung low over the horizon, million rays passed through the clouds and the conifers of Great Smoky Mountains National Park , illuminating everything in golds and reds. I stood there on the rocks at Clingmans Dome , watching in awe the changing colors from brilliant blue to vibrant ochre. But my much anticipation was in the rise of the Milky Way.

The sun dipped below the horizon and sky slowly faded to grey, dark blue and finally dark. Darkness engulfed the towns and cities from Gatlinburg to North Carolina. The wind was thick and it was getting stronger and faster and colder as it started to blow my face in all direction. Suddenly everything looked gloomy. Fog has swept up from the seas and flowing through the labyrinths of the Smoky Mountains. It was hard to see anything through the fog.

All those, travelers and star gazers, photographers and astronomers, who came there to witness the wonders of night sky started to leave in exasperation. I was still imagining all the mysterious stars hiding behind the shroud of fog and mists. I followed the others curiously looking out through the window to see if nature would allow me another episode. 4169 feet down at the Newfound Gap there it was another paradise. Blazing colors of our Milky way galaxy with millions of exploded stars set the whole place into cornucopia of cosmic delights. A great wonder in heaven.