I Click the Camera. It Clicks with Me.

They say life is best seen with eyes half-closed. For me, life is best seen with eyes half-closed on to my camera’s viewfinder. Through its lens, I see myriad images, shapes and colours. The unusual. The off-the-cuff. The waylaid. And the meandering.
About Me
I click the camera. It clicks with me. From landscapes to seascapes, discover my mindscapes.
I also shoot moving images. And these will move you in return. From hi-res content to hi-res ideas, journey with me.
Drones are my passion. They make me a bird. And give my creativity powerful wings. But let me not drone on.
I love how time flies. Which is why I capture just how it flies. There’s one thing about my Time Lapses. They never lapse in quality.


Landscapes are my grounding. Studio shots expose my skills. Portrait photography gives my work a face. Astro photography makes me reach for the stars. I specialize in all these. And recently, since I wanted to be Icarus, sprout wings and reach for the Sun; I also explore the world from above using SUAVs, better known as Drones.

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