Tybee Island - SavannahGeorgia I may have shut the world from my ears. But I’m hoping my voice is always heard by you.
A voice that speaks through my lens and my silence. From my screams and my dreams.
The Silence of the Scream.

Astrotourism: Georgia and the Cosmos

In early times, people would gather around the campfire and listen to stories about stars and gods. The legend of the Kiowa Indigenous people of the Great Plains tells the story of the Seven Sisters.Read More

The Milky Way Arch – A Panoramic Journey!

The rising of the Milky Way is perhaps one of the most beautiful phenomena one can witness. A white, hazy band of light arches across the night sky, Read More

Preservation of Night Sky

Due to the rapid growth in population, an increasing percentage of the human population lives in cities and suburbs where the night sky is completely obscured by the artificial lights. Read More

Storage solution for Photographers

With the announcement of Nikon’s flagship camera D850 and Sony’s iconic A7R III, I was quite inquisitive on ever growing need for storage space. Nikon’s D850 45.7 Megapixel sensor Read More

Chasing Milky-Way in Georgia

Capturing the glorious arches of our Milky way galaxy has always been my favorite journey. They say you have to walk through the darkness of the world Read More

The moment when totality hit North Carolina.

It’s a well known fact that the sort of alignment sun and moon achieve during Total Solar Eclipse is no where as fabulous than on Earth. Read More