Infinite World

Infinite World is but a finite gesture from my side. It is my tribute to the joys of Mother Nature – and the warp and weft betwixt the celestial to the cosmic, the natural to the oceanic, the mountainous to the cumulus. A paean to Georgia from ‘Laniakea’ – home to the earth’s magnificent Milky Way.

Music – Beacon by Faux Tales


North Georgia – A journey through the splendid beauty of North Georgia Mountains.

From the gentle breeze of Lake Lanier to misty zephyrs of Springer Mountain. From Amicalola to Brasstown Bald, the highest peak in Georgia. From rolling mountains of Appalachian to the lush forests of Cohutta wilderness. From sunrise to sunset. Echo of the distant winds, whispering of willow trees and rustling of the flowing river. All in a neat amalgamation of nature’s blissful memories.

Awards – Honorable Mention. International Photography Awards 2017

IT Campaign – Delta Airlines!

I’ve been working on this campaign off and on for the past few months now. It’s amusing how my interest in photography and my passion for Airline IT is inextricably intertwined.

I dream of owning a Learjet and fit it with RED MX cameras for aerial filming. How cool would it be to film the airborne 787 Dreamliner or F15 going full burn in open air?


Upcoming projects

Rise Again

Rise Again is a project I started in 2016. Stars that rises in the horizon. Setting sun and rising moon. Falling water and the rising waves.Rise again is a story about how we celebrate life’s travails and triumphs through nature’s eye.

Climate Change

This is an on-going project that I started recently to raise awareness of the effect of Climate change on ecosystems. Highly influenced by ‘An inconvenient truth’ – Al Gore.