‘Earthmosphere’ is a tribute lensed by me – of how I envision the beauty of Mother Earth to be. Pristine, Pure, Peaceful.

My travels across the United States have seen me paint time lapses across Glen Canyon Dam, San Juan National Forest, Acadia National Park, Canyonlands National Park, Brasstown Bald Observatory in Georgia and many such places of natural beauty.

I hope that by showcasing this film – I will also be able to showcase the treasure that we have with us at the moment, but one that is being eroded by the day. And just like this film will live for posterity, I dream of an Earth with its natural beauty intact for our next generations.

Infinite World!

Infinite World is but a finite gesture from my side. It is my tribute to the joys of Mother Nature and the warp and weft betwixt the celestial to the cosmic, the natural to the oceanic, the mountainous to the cumulus. A paean to Georgia from ‘Laniakea’ ? home to the earth’s magnificent Milky Way.


  • Moscow International Foto Awards – 1st Place winner in Moving images.
  • Int’l Photography Awards 2018 – Honorable Mention.

IT Campaigns

Agile Campaign, interviews, and other projects for internal organization-wide distribution. Some of my work has been published for major corporate clients which includes but not limited to Toyota, Delta Air Lines, Amadeus North America Inc. etc.